The date for the next New Jersey KISS Expo is undetermined. 

Because of the difficulty of coordinating with any potential special guest's schedules, we are unable to have this event at any specific time of our choosing. When we do secure a special guest that has the time and is willing, we will then set a date and that info will be posted here immediately.

We do not have a date scheduled at this time. Please do not write us and ask us when the next expo will be - we do not know. When that date becomes available, then we will know, and it will IMMEDIATELY be posted HERE on THIS website page, in a big, huge headline, larger than life, that you will not be able to miss! 

No other info is available other than what is shown here on this page. When info does become available, it will be posted here immediately. We are not holding back, nor do we have any hidden, secret information - this page is the FIRST place this info will become available.

We are always working on scouting out special guests and when we get one, we will have the Expo. We look forward to seeing you there, whenever that may be!



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