Featured Guest
Eric Singer

Current KISS drummer as well as an impressive resume from top acts such as Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Lita Ford, Badlands, the Eric Singer Project, (E.S.P.) and don't forget the 1989 Paul Stanley solo tour.

Eric is by far one of the best guests a KISS Expo could ask for - His friendliness, energy and willingness to spend time talking one-on-one with the fans makes his presence elevate any KISS Expo to the highest level possible!  All we can say is New Jersey is in for one hell of a treat this October!

Eric will be available to all for autographs and photos.


Also appearing
Bruce Kulick
Former KISS guitarist from 1984-1996 and currently with Grand Funk Railroad the past 14 years. Bruce has also played with Meatloaf, Billy Squire, the Eric Singer Project, (E.S.P), Union as well as contributed to the KISS Psycho Circus album and both solo efforts from Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley.  

Bruce is highly regarded by all at the KISS Expos for his close contact and easy accessibility to all the fans. We are thrilled beyond belief to have his attendance at the NJ KISS Expo!

Bruce will be available to all for autographs and photos.

Lydia Criss
Always a KISS Expo favorite - the lovely Lydia Criss joins us once again. Stop by her booth and pick up her famous book Sealed with a KISS and get it signed. Lydia loves interacting with fans personally and has the best stories to tell of KISS in the old days.

Mark Montague
Bassists for Peter Criss's solo tours and from the multi-platinum band Five for Fighting. Mark is promoting his new book, Let the Cat out of the Bag, telling of his stories on the road with the Catman. Not your average, dirty "tell-all" book - the good, the bad and the ugly told in a beautiful, peaceful yet twisted manner. Pick up a book and get it signed at his booth. 

Three Sides of the Coin 200th show live podcast
Mike, Mark, Tommy and Lisa will be broadcasting their 200th show live! There will be plenty of interacting with fans and other guests throughout the day - stop by and ask questions or get interviewed. Since 2013, TSOTC has had over 2,000,000 listens and it's no mystery due to their professionalism, dedication, and amazing guests each week, uncovering the most obscure and amazing details of KISS that even the biggest fans were clueless of. All the way from California, Michigan and Minnesota, this is going to be a broadcast to remember!

Dennis Woloch
The Creative Art Director for KISS in the '70s and '80s, Dennis designed the bands most famous album covers as well as much of the tour books, T-shirts and merchandise you loved as a kid. Dennis will have photos and posters the likes you have never seen! 

Rob Conte
Author of many books about KISS, Star Wars and his latest, The Art of Atari, Rob will be giving us details about his upcoming memoir of his time and projects working with KISS. Rob always has many intimate, original KISS stories to tell. He will be at his booth with all his publications for signing.

The KISS Room live podcast
Yet another KISS podcast joins us for a live show at the KISS Expo. The KISS Room is a monthly, live KISS Super-Special of the highest professional production yet is still very down-to-Earth with it's philosophy of remembering what we all loved about the band as kids and how it moves on with us to the future. You are invited to stop by and meet The KISS Room staff and participate in their show.

KISS Face Painter Toni Albanese
Have you and your kids faces painted by a PROFESSIONAL! Toni, professional artist and kids entertainer, returns to the KISS Expo to add even more fun to our family-friendly event.

KISS Dealers and Collectibles

And of course, what would be a KISS Expo without the wall to wall KISS merchandise for sale from all over the planet! The New Jersey KISS Expo has always had the highest concentration of KIS
S Dealers in the world and this one will be no exception! Many manufacturers of current collectibles will be present along with many of the old-time dealers with their obscure, out-of-production rarities for sale.

Autograph and Photo Sessions

Guest will be available for autographs and photos. Each will have their own fees to be paid at their booths the day of the show. The NJ KISS Expo tickets are for admission only and do not cover the cost of autographs, photos or anything other than entrance to the event.

Many, many more guests and events will be announced in the upcoming weeks. Please visit this page for ALL updated information on the New Jersey KISS Expo 2016. There is no other info other than what is posted here.

Looking forward to seeing everyone October 9th!

Hotels in the area are listed HERE.

Tickets are on sale now HERE.


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